Yield Farming on Arbitrum! (My L2 DeFI Strategy 2021)

Arbitrum One has officially launched and the dapp ecosystem is on fire! Today I talk about how to get onto Arbitrum One as well as use some of my favorite dapps!

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❓ What is your favorite Dapp on Arbitrum One?
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0:00 Intro
0:28 Relevant Links
1:05 Get Metamask
1:27 Use the Arbitrum One Bridge
2:53 Arbitrum Token
3:24 Arbitrum One Portal (dApp Ecosystem)
4:15 Beefy Finance on Arbitrum
6:22 Curve Finance on Arbitrum
7:21 Withdraw from Arbitrum (different methods)


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Please understand that your money can go down just as quickly as it goes up. I am not a financial advisor OR an “expert” by any means, so understand that NONE of this is financial advice. I do my research and find my information online. Please do your own research and decide on your own if it makes sense to invest into any cryptocurrencies mentioned. Any platforms, DEXes, exchanges, protocols are all at your own risk if you choose to use them. I have plenty of biases that I do my best to make public, and knowing that I do my best to be as transparent and open to you guys as possible. Please measure your risk and never invest more than you’re willing to lose. thank you ❤️ I am a content creator that entertains, that is all.

#Arbitrum #DeFi #YieldFarming


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  1. Your last video on DeFi was my motivation to finally give DeFi a try. Another great upload.

  2. Wait timeout with yield farming 10x are easily possible? like throw in 10k and in a year its 100k let’s go!!

  3. Dumb question, do we have to keep the browser on/active when waiting for the withdrawal to be complete (the 7-8 day waiting period)?

  4. Its funny you say theres no air drop. I’ve heard a lot of hype about a “potential arbi airdrop” all over youtube for the last week or so.