Yield farming on VVS finance with autofarm

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Hey guys in this video i will be breaking down cro farming on the cronos network
0:00 introduction

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  1. Out of interest… Why did you send from the Crypto DeFi wallet from meta mask and not just use the CDC wallet?

  2. So is staking for the CRO token only on the vvs finance platform or elsewhere too?

  3. I don’t understand why use autofarm vs just putting it on VVS Farm. I mean when you use the calculator for VVS/USD for example and it says you put 1k and 1 day roi 6.08%, and 7 days its 51.16%. Isn’t it auto compounded daily in VVS. autofarm say 6.58% daily, but are both auto compounded? just want to understand this better. Thanks.

  4. bra i invested in this but my money is getting lower i started witih 1.7k now its 1.1k did you get the same? i have cro-vvs, chrona, vvs, usdc-vvs, cro-crona, cro-btc.. my average apy is 2b but i was hoping itll increase but so far in the last 3 days it only goes negative :( so im thinking of pulling out now

  5. Thank you very much!! I have a question ⁉️
    When Autofarm reinvest, are we paying more fees?

  6. Can you move VVS tokens already on the CRO app to stake or do you have to purchase the CRO to swap?

  7. Great video. Question, what’s the benefit of ‘enabling’ it on auto Farm as compared to VVS finance?

  8. Why it says for example 300k% apy and on the side it says like 2% daily. Would the 300k be for the whole year? Its kinda confusing, and is there any big difference in gains when farming at autofarm vs vvsfinance

  9. The best thing about the crypto Market in cro is that it’s all mobile as well. I’ve been playing around with the defi Market and have been playing with the VVS coronos mine but it’s asking me for wcro and I don’t know where to find a wrapped cro. Therefore I have not staked in the cro VVS pool. I’ve been thinking about playing around with the cro etherium pool but I would either have to transfer some ethereum or purchase more

  10. Hi, I feel like you are jumping some steps ; I well created the LP tokken on VVS but can’t see it in autofarm ; I probably missed out something ?