Yield Farming with 9,500% APY on Fantom Blockchain (Without Olympus DAO Forks!)

Right now I am making passive income with 9,500% APY on Fantom blockchain. If you aren’t aware, Fantom blockchain has been blowing up with new DeFi apps and platforms that help you to yield farm and make passive income. Therefore, in this video I decided to share a strategy that I decided to use for yield farming and making some good returns. I also think it is important to mention that this doesn’t involve any OHM forks because I feel that people got really spoiled with ponzi like APY’s on new OHM forks.

Get Fantom (FTM) on Binance https://bit.ly/3gC9QXY

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00:00 My Fantom Blockchain Yield Farming startegy
01:33 Using Beefy finance & Mai finance to keep exposure to Fantom
03:29 Farming on Beets Pools
06:28 How to compound your returns to 9,500% APY
08:31 Why I preffer this startegy over Olympus DAO forks

My Favorite Exchanges to Trade:
🏅 Binance https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=42209858
🥈 KuCoin https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup?rcode=rJMSUZM

All DApps I use:

Beefy Finance – https://www.beefy.finance/
Mai Finance – https://www.mai.finance/
Beethovenx – https://www.beets.fi/
Reaper Farm – https://www.reaper.farm/

Please keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor and this video isn’t financial advice in any shape or form. All things said in this video are only my own personal opinion. Therefore, before buying any cryptocurrencies or making other financial decisions you should always do your own research.


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  1. Great video! What are the possible downsides to this strategy? You said it is high risk…can you break that down a bit more?

  2. Nice video! could you give your thoughts on how long you are going to keep doing this and if you don’t mind me asking how long have you been in farming?

  3. Subscribed! There are so many forks I’m building a directory on my site. So many crazy projects…

  4. If fantom drops in price, can you get liquidated or the coins from beefy are not a loan?

  5. Beets is garbage – tryed this for a few days – APYs are dropping hard and lost to much just over a few days so i pulled out of this strategy

  6. How do you go from 1 farm to the other? This confused me. If you are going to show such things please show all the steps!

  7. So let’s say after 6 months, how to you back out of all this to collect the interest?

  8. Hi, can u make a video on the withdraw and clear up why they withdraw amount don’t match, thanks

  9. i have check th Yield is 2342.588% today. Do i need to add money in only the Yield will increase to 9000%?

  10. Can u teach me please…. I m devorce and my money loss with him 😭😭😭

  11. This is great! Thanks a lot for the video. I didn’t think of using FTM as collateral.

  12. Good vid, but beets is inflationary, even if mcap goes higher they keep minting dont they? Beets is 0.3$ today but that APY is still good enough to make it worth.