AirDrop Review, Tutorial, and ZAPP AIRDROP?! Review, Tutorial, and ZAPP AIRDROP?! Zapper fi helps you make more money with your trades, earn interest on your cryptocurrencies, and earn FREE NFTs. There are huge incoming airdrops likely from Metamask, Opensea, and hopefully zapperfi too! Sub to VoskCoin!

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There are free lunches in cryptocurrency as more and more projects and companies are airdropping their cryptocurrency tokens. Airdropping tokens to early crypto users is a great way to bootstrap a new crypto, incentivize and reward your crypto investors and above all decentralize your project or company which is why a lot of people think could be the next big exciting cryptocurrency airdrop BUT until then how do you use zapper fi and get the most out of the zapper dashboard because is a DEX aggregator so it’s also supposed to get you the best trades and thus make you more money with your cryptocurrency investments! Let’s review what is how to use zapper, and if the zapper fi zapp airdrop is coming soon!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Manage your assets across different blockchains
01:32 Cryptocurrency is insane and rewarding
01:54 What is
02:57 MetaMask DeFi guide on different blockchains
03:19 Where did come from?
03:58 What is Gitcoin?
05:04 huge airdrop possibility
05:59 quests and free NFT mints
09:02 How to use functions provided by
12:53 Dexsport a decentralized betting platform
13:30 Why use MATIC on
14:01 Earn interest on your crypto with
16:31 How to claim your rewards on
18:07 Earn insane interests on your crypto with Hector DAO
20:57 How to use multiple addresses on

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  1. You got soft admins in your telegram. I got kicked for calling some1 a “snitchbish”

  2. After 4yrsof subbing!.So tired of the videos of late.cheers im out of here.wish u well with ur new direction u chose

  3. Despite the economic downturn, I’m so happy ☺️. I have been earning $50,000 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days.

  4. Hit him up for more guide lines ☝️☝️☝️.

  5. But if you were an influencer and I was under you, would that mean Id be under the influencer? 😮

  6. There were a couple videos with no tails. Dont worry i mentioned it in the comments. 🤫

  7. Forex and crypto stock made me rich in a young age am not saying it easy to do but thats why am here to help you guys and give you true advice from my heart,

  8. Hector dao’s team is amazing, listen to their ama’s i am already up about 50%

  9. hi, I need to bay NITRO to join your discord or I am doing sometingh wrong?

  10. << I believe I’ve listened to at least half of all the youtubers who talk about crypto. You are easily the best most knowledgeable one. Your information is priceless and I find it truly baffling as youtubers completely look at TA and ignore the bigger narrative of why there is a pump. B t c pumped due to the future ETF release, it’s kind of irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peak of B T C. The entire space has always been volatile that’s why we always back up our crypto so that you do not have to be bothered when it goes bearish. I have always played safe in the space with a less talked about medium, trading, rather than buying the dip and waiting for a pump, I just get to trade my assets with insight and signal provision from KELVIN MCCAIN… I have made over 12 b t c in October.He can be reached via ͲeIє ɠɾαm👉Kelvin McCain or Search KELVIN MCCAIN CRYPTOS on google.

  11. Hector DAO is changing the game for rebase projects – 4,4 hyperstaking live + Hector Bank launching this month! My favourite project hands down

  12. Found your content and delivery easy to follow and enjoyed watching the video. Thank you.

  13. A lifesaver with this bro! I hated that I had to go through multiple exchange just to swap or change networks

  14. The slippage rate is quite high on Zapper – What do you change the tolerance to? If you change the slippage do you experience failed transactions or increase wait times?

  15. Any chance of doing a VVS finance vid? Really interested in it as a CRO holder.

  16. Great content! can I mine on my computer without having a rig.. is there software that I can pay for or have installed. my house is too small to have all those different Rigs and machines in my house so I was just wondering can I do it for my computer. while I order and wait for my bobcat

  17. 영상 잘봤습니다. 질문 하나 드리겠습니다.
    현재 zapper 시즌2 시작해서 3계정 운영중이고 한계정당 약 14000볼트(3계정 하면 약 42000볼트) 정도 가지고 있습니다. 올해 얼마 남지 않았는데 어떻게 사용해야 할지 모르겠습니다. 채굴한 볼트를 동기화 하려면 가스비가 드는걸로 알고 있는데 3계정 운영하면 가스비가 얼마나 드는지, 또 가스비를 감수하고 어떤 nft를 구매하는게 가장 효율적인지 여쭙겠습니다.

  18. zapper is nice for joining yearn pools but there is a high slippage. What slippage is tolerated ?

  19. The resale value of the NFT’s are worth less than the Gas cost to get them. There is a bit if text about each NFT but it’s all pretty cryptic which I don’t like to be honest. I would like to know what the Utility of having those NFT’s actually is. And so far I’ve yet to understand that. So I can’t decide whether to just keep the Volts or purchase the NFT’s with those Volts. Any ideas anybody ?

  20. I’m confused been using zapper for awhile now and accumulated 3600 volts to be synced but it doesn’t say what level I’m at do I have to sync to level up?

  21. your video sucks as you, i don’t understand why you guys try to pull people here with your small amount of swapping process. well i tell it to you for big amount of swapping the Gasfee part gets as huge as metamask fee.

  22. I can not earn something on the Quest. And I don’t have the Level sign.
    But have connected my wallet!
    What do I wrong?