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Zomedica Stock Update! My Thoughts on Truforma Release! ZOM Stock Has Been Strange! Now What?

The realease of Truforma was super weird and Zomedica stock has not been moving in the way we would think towards the end of March. I give my thoughts on the release of Truforma and the first sales and what I think is going to happen in the next few months. Where do we go from here when it comes to ZOM stock? Should we buy ZOM stock now? Price targets for ZOM stock? This is a penny stock, so be careful when investing!

Disclaimer: Invest at your own risk and recognize that I am not a financial advisor. Any money you put into the stock market can be lost, only invest money that you are willing to lose and consult an advisor before doing so. Please be careful when investing! I am not liable for any losses based on statements I make on YouTube or any other platforms, please seek professional help before investing into the market. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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  1. I think it will go back up next week and leading up to the end of the month.

    Then it will go down and go back up if sales are well

  2. I’m glad you think it was strange as well! These long term folks are swearing it was the perfect move. Shady at its best.

  3. Hell yeah 100% agree with you holding my shares till at least June

  4. Yeah the market is quite bearish the past couple of weeks. I feel like the gain last year will be slowly normalized in the next couple of months, years, since that’s how the market does. I hope I’m wrong but the market’s behavior right after the big covid market crash has been super strange. I wonder if Tesla will go back to 50 dollars lol? I wonder if we were in the genomic and tech/EV bubbles? So much questions on my head lol. My friend got hired last year by Tesla and got close to 100k worth of Tesla stock at 420 USD a share, and was not happy because he said there was definitely a bubble and once it popped his stocks will worth nothing. The good thing is for some of our SPACs plays, we got them so close to 10 dollars that I mean, the price can’t really go that much lower lol.

  5. I have been telling people that this stock is not going to be a big hit….. this company is releasing their product at the worse possible time. I got in early I dumped it when it was under $2 ….. if this company goes up it’s going to be in 2022-23 ….

  6. I also got in early, at .14c actually.
    I’m holding 20,000 shares and I’m not selling personally.

    I’m not a trader, I’m an investor; what do I think about their recent silent release? Well quite honestly I think it just comes down to the company being small. They only have 28 employees and they barely use social media.

    I don’t believe they know how to do PR at all.
    I don’t think that affects the fundamentals of the company, but it does reduce their reach.

    What it comes down to is us, the investors, to encourage a more open and communicative attitude from the CEO. Whether that’s through emails or social media mentions, it’s important to get that message across.

  7. Stocks too are good but I swapped and invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. I have been making good profits.

  8. Everyone acting like this stock didnt go from pennies to 2+ dollars. Now everyone mad its back at 2 dollars lol. ZOM is one of the best stocks of the year

  9. The release of Truforma hasn’t happened yet.. I think you guys are being weirded out because the stock price is down a little, it’s just breaking your hype a bit (okay, so what?!). A 1st sale milestone is NOT a release… it’s pretty normal to celebrate the first sale of a product, especially something like this, and to a very notable customer. The release is still coming. Acting like Zom is being shady and weird.. is only because of you guys being on such a hype train, and you’re reaching for any answers at all about why the price is currently down a little. Don’t exaggerate about the price being way down either.